SOWA Sunday’s Rule!

Shopping may as well be my middle name.  It’s therapy and as long as I don’t over spend it get me out of the house as well.  I struggle with that but when I know it’s SOWA Open Market Sunday it’s something to look forward to.

As with any shopping day I love looking for galleries not only to shop but to broaden my view of artists I know or have yet learn about.  Today was a fantastic find and I’m in love!  Guari Collections turned out to be a wonderful find.  The perfect blend of art, architecture and “stuff”.

How fortunate am I to have discovered Gurari as well as an artist I’ve never heard of before, Wendy Artin.  Nudes aren’t my usual favorite subject regardless of the medium but her watercolor’s were so nuanced.  The play of light, the fluid movement of the human body in just a few brief poses.  Nothing “in your face” so to speak, just simple and beautiful.

Now that I’ve found what I would like to hang above the mantle in my new place I’m eager to figure out how to make my first major purchase in to the art world.  I’m excited and thrilled I have something to look forward to as Christmas is coming.  If not then, then there’s always a birthday present to myself in May right?


About John Smith

I believe in treating people with love, peace & compassion Above All Else.
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