Biology really pisses me off…

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Well, I’ve finally booked my airline ticket & I’ve gotten my new toy delivered today.  (Nikon D90…sooo freaking fabulous!)  Am I anxiety free? Absolutely not.  Do I wish I was or could be?  Hell yes.

The biology of things can really piss me off sometimes, it gets in the way of life & my ability to just let things unfold.  An impromptu trip to Sippewissett was one thing.  Travelling cross country stuck on not just one but two planes, each way, is my idea of sheer terror.  Not because I think the plane will fall out of the sky of course because I am in no way afraid of flying.  What I do get freaked out about is places, processes & people I don’t know & have no control over.

Logically I know everything will be fine but my brain chemistry doesn’t operate from a place of logic.  It operates in an over riding fashion that requires me to over compensate & over plan things.  More than annoying to my friends & family I’m sure.

I’m breathing heavy & sweating just typing this post while I think of the entire trip…..  ::sigh::

I really can’t wait to spend some time time Angie.  Kismet is to thank for having brought her in to my life when it did.  Profoundly grateful is all I can feel.

Hopefully I’ll be able to repay the kindness in some special way.

PS: I’ll never be able to match her qualities as a photographer.  They have such a delicate & fragile quality to them that make them uniquely hers.  I am hopeful about my love of landscapes & architecture though.

~L, P & C


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