Being Me Can Be Wicked Fun Sometimes…

Today was the first real day I had to spend with my camera & lose myself in the city I’ve love so dearly.  I suppose fate brought me here all those many years ago & for that I must be grateful.  Days like today just send a ripple of joy through my soul that I’m fortunate enough to live here & have all that I have right at my door step.  The city’s architecture is fantastic & in the fall the clear brilliant sunshine brings out the best.

I started with the Charles River first.  Nice breeze, lots of sail boats on the river & oodles and oodles of sunshine.  It was so peaceful to just wander around finding new ways to look at the nature around me.  The sound of wind in trees is something very soothing & centering.  If someone could figure out a way to bottle that sound they’d be a genius.  And no, those electronic sound machines at Brookstone‘s don’t count either.  Some nice Aspen’s along the way were turning a nice golden color.  None of the Oak’s or Maple’s have started turning in the city though.  We should hit peak foliage in Boston in the next week or so.

Eventually it was onward to Beacon Hill for some more hidden treasures of architecture.  I made my way to Louisburg Square the quintessential part of Beacon Hill & stumbled upon a German walking tour group.  I had to either wait for them to disperse so I could get my photo’s or just jump right in & shoot around them.  I decided to jump right in & I’m sure they were a bit cranky about this American being in their pictures they were taking.  Oh well.  I find German tourists to be a cranky lot in general.  I’ll have to recount a trip to the Grand Canyon once where I inundated by swarms of them in their Winnebago’s & zero for a personalty, not fun.

Eventually it was on to the Common & Public Garden.  I came across a very colorful Carousel there but doesn’t compare to The Flying Horses on Martha’s Vineyard of course. Specially since it would have been much more fun to have my buddie’s Melissa & Angie along for the day.

There was a pair of swans on the pond, I’m not sure if they’re the pair the city puts out there or a wild pair but they were beautiful nonetheless.  Some other assorted ducks & geese & some rather aggressive squirrels looking for a free hand out.  Why I don’t know considering I was bonked on the head quite a few times by the over abundance of acorns this year.

As I roamed around the city today all I could think of is how lucky I am to be me. Perfectly happy with where my two feet are today, happy that I can “see” the beauty in everything that surrounds me today.  It is wicked fun being me sometimes…

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L, P & C  ~R


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I believe in treating people with love, peace & compassion Above All Else.
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  1. Thank you very much & thank you for reading. ~R

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