Can you hear me now?

Hmmm…blogging from 20k feet is kinda cool if not a little “exposed”.  I forget how much air planes are really just flying sardine cans & close proximity to others.

So an important milestone lies ahead & I’m thrilled.  The cab ride this morning started out annoying & my old self would have let that ruin the entire day.  The new self just discarded the annoying driver and kept the true vision in mind & that is that I’ll be landing in L.A. very soon.  Even the poor mother with a crying baby behind me hasn’t deterred me from my tranquility.  Well..maybe a little but it’s not her fault.  I feel for the poor thing, I’d be crabby too if my little baby ears were subjected to cabin pressure at 6am!

That’s it for this leg of the trip…2 more hours until Minneapolis.  Just taking my new laptop and inflight WiFi for a test drive so to speak.

Back to my movie I downloaded ahead of time…


About John Smith

I believe in treating people with love, peace & compassion Above All Else.
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