Where on earth have I been? – Part 1

I know, it’s been awhile…a lot has changed since I’ve last written, namely me.

Going to Los Angeles was the best thing I could have done for myself right now on this road called the journey of life.  Things coalesce when they’re meant to be rather than when you want them to be.  Sometimes the challenge is being mindful enough to let go completely & allow life to merely unfold as it should.

Oh I’ve been back for awhile now I’ve just been balls to the walls as they say when it comes to work.  I have one of those jobs that takes a super amount of mental energy during the day to navigate very challenging personalities & at the end I’m just exhausted.  There is just no room for anything less that super success this year because I need a raise, I haven’t had one in three years.  If I hope to stand a chance in this lovely new “corporate” world of “process” than I have to play the game.  I don’t like to play the game and it goes against my nature to smile and nod when what I’d really rather do is simply say. “What retarded jack ass told you the system could do that & why aren’t you annoying them instead of me right now?”  I digress…

It’s kinda weird.  I had all these grand ideas of what it was going to be like, feel like when I went back home to “dump” all this childhood shit.  The funny part is there wasn’t any grand break down, no me running up to the sea & pouding my fist at it screaming, “I made it in spite of you damnit!”  Nothing of the sort.  (Well, maybe in my head a little…)

My dear friend Angie happened upon my path for a reason.  A reason & timing for which I’ll always be grateful.  There’s something so comforting just being around another person who “gets it” when you spend time together, effortless, comforting.

I’ll write more later complete with pictures but for tonight I’m at peace.  Starting the Agape community page for Boston is going to be a glorious thing.  I can just feel it…..


About John Smith

I believe in treating people with love, peace & compassion Above All Else.
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