Ok, so I’m not as prolific as other bloggers…

Let’s see…it’s been awhile since I last wrote anything.  Since that time I’ve been stuck in bed even though my overall mood & spirits are in fairly good shape.  12.29.10…an evening that will live etched in my memory for a long, long time…<shivers>…

It could have been worse & I am grateful I’m not looking at something like back surgery or anything.  Just a long slow, steady, methodical, day by day improvement.  There’s no quick fix for this one & I haven’t even had my MRI review.  With todays ice storm my Spine Guy cancelled all appointments which is fine with me anyway.  I’m not really jumping to any conclusions about my prognosis I just know that 1.) nothing is broken & 2.) nothing he could tell me beyond an exercise plan would convince me to have surgery anyway.  So, long slow recovery it is.

Once I head back to work full time 1.31.11 & get back in the swing of my schedule, whatever that happens to be either working from home part time etc., I think its time to check out this new fangled thing they call “Yoga”.  It has to be pretty low impact yet a good way to stretch & strengthen I would think?  Plus, who couldn’t use a little mental stillness from time to time.

After all this typing I realized I forgot to mention that I went horizontal ala a cartoon off the top step of my landing to my building due to ice & decided to break my fall with my lower spine.  For those not having been following along on Facebook & all.  Who new the term “You have broken 3 Transverse Processes” would ever enter my vocabulary.

Anywho…just bored tonight I guess, wish I had some new photos to share but they’ve all been posted on Facebook & I think I’m officially over Winter.  I’m having a ball in Adobe’s Lightroom playing with all my photo’s.  Almost as good as an old fashioned dark room minus the chemicals & more methodical determined approach to creativity.  Now I can just flip through my photos & grab one at random & start playing around.  In a way it also helps me think forward in how I might want to frame some shots when I’m out & about.  For now I’ve been shooting to what looks good in the camera on the spot.  Now I can really get back to shooting stuff that doesn’t translate well in to a 3.5 lcd screen but you can really play around with in a photo app like Lightroom or Photoshop.  I just learned how to work with 3D masks the other night.  Woo Hoo!

And this ladies & gentlemen is what ooodles of bed rest will get you.  Pushing the outer limits of your laptops CPU capacity because you’re about to go looney from being cooped up for so long!

Next up…Malibu Beach, CA baby!  Something about being at the Pacific Ocean is just so healing & relaxing.  I may spend a night or two at Casa Buckingham as well but for now Casa Malibu where Lana Turner once used to hide out from the glaring paparazzi is the goal…

Maui Jim’s, check, duffle bags of casual wear, double check, camera & laptop ready to travel, triple check!


About John Smith

I believe in treating people with love, peace & compassion Above All Else.
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