Marathon Day, So Many Inspirations…

I love Marathon day, sometimes I forget I love Marathon day because it’s not like I plan for it or anything.  It’s one of those days where if timing works out right I end up along the route, somewhere, and I get swept up in the celebration for lack of another word.

It’s been a few years since I’ve ventured down to the actual route.  Ever since my office location has changed I tend to avoid the area now. I used to have a view to be envied at 500 Boylston Street that looked right down on the route & it was fantastic.  It was a fantastic view year round of course but it was especially nice to be able to work, watch the Marathon, chat with co workers when the dropped by, to MY window, Lol, & it was a day we all enjoyed together.  One year a co worker, Aubrey, ran the Marathon & we put each letter of her name in the individual window panes so when she looked up she knew we were all cheering her on.  At the end she looked up, saw us & we got the thumbs up.  Ahh…good times.

I hadn’t planned on going down to the route today but as it is with all good things, everything happens for a reason & timing strikes when the time is right.  So…I hopped in the shower, grabbed the camera & off I went.  No real destination in mind, just go wherever my feet took me.  As I was walking through the Prudential I was faced with going straight ahead or making a left turn towards the Sheraton & exiting out near Kings Lanes.  I made a left & I’m glad I did or who knows what would have transpired.

I jostled my way towards the corner of Hereford & Boylston streets.  I hadn’t really thought of it but it’s the last little up hill portion before all the runners make a left turn & finally have the finish line in sight, down hill which has to be a welcome reward for them at that point.

The top runners came through as the normally do.  Very determined, focused & not looking like they just ran 26 miles.  Then the rest of the runners started coming through.  The runners who train all year & aren’t in it for the win like the elites, they’re in it for the personal win.  I suppose I could recount each individual I saw today who inspired me but that would take forever.

I will say this though.  The wheel chair racers feeding off the cheers of the crowd to pull them up that last little corner when their arms were on empty inspired me.  The man who didn’t have to stop & help another runner to his feet so he could finish but did.  They inspired me.  I mean this poor guy who literally had no gas left in his tank & legs buckled mere blocks from the finish.  He would have been devastated if he had gotten that close only to have EMS take him away.  What an act of selflessness to the guy who knew that & helped him finish!

Don’t think I’m taking up running btw if you’ve read this far.  I’m not built for that.  But, I can share in the spirit of setting a goal for yourself & doing whatever it takes to make it to your own personal finish line.

As I heard one of the runners say on local TV today.  “You’re never too old to set a goal & see yourself achieve it to the end.”


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I believe in treating people with love, peace & compassion Above All Else.
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